Meet Our Team

Akiva S. Harris, MS


"It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self discovery, rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives" –Marianne Williamson

Akiva S. Harris, MS is a clinically trained therapist whose therapeutic style is holistic as this approach treats the whole person. This holistic approach promotes individual growth and stability. Akiva serves as a change agent that provides support and empathetic understanding that allows clients to gain new awareness of themselves that facilitate health and healing. Akiva is relatable as she often draws on her own personal experiences and awareness that allows her to join with her clients. Akiva is eclectic in her approach as she utilizes various modalities, such as, but not limited to mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, existential, therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Akiva holds a Master's of Science in Clinical Counseling from Chestnut Hill College, and is preparing for licensure to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. Akiva specializes in addictions treatment, as well as mental health issues such depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, couples therapy, etc. Akiva emphasizes being connected to your true self because that's where all the answers lie. She is simply a conduit to support you to get there. Her goal is to support clients in navigating through life a little easier.

Meet the rest of our team

Hope Stein, LSW, CADC

CEO, Psychotherapist, Assessor, Interventionist

Sam Albert, BS, CRS, CIP

Certified Recovery Specialist, Interventionist, Facilitator

Elizabeth Collins, MM, MA

EMDR Psychotherapist

Coreen Davis, MEd, LPC

CECO (Chief Executive Clinical Officer), Psychotherapist

Dr. Peter Ganime, MD

Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatrist

Mike Mancuso, CAAC, CRS

Certified Recovery Specialist, Facilitator

David L. Mattingly, DO

Medicated Assisted Treatment, Nutritional Doctor

Dana Myers, LSW

Psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor