Meet Our Team

Amy Moulton, MA

Clinical Counselor

"I can see no way out but through."
–Robert Frost

Amy Moulton is a clinically trained counselor with experience in the field of substance abuse and who specializes in the treatment of trauma. Prior to working at Renew Family Services, Amy was a counselor at inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center with co-occurring mental health. In her current role at Renew, Amy is working in both individual and group settings within the program and works with adults and older teenagers. Amy uses a CBT informed approach which integrates elements of other modalities, such as positive psychology and solution-focused therapy, to help process and facilitate growth and change when clients present with mental health concerns (such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, or trauma) as well as addiction. She helps clients to create their own safety and stability to heal and move forward from.

Amy received her B.A. in Psychology from Temple University and her M.A. in Clinical Counseling with Concentration in Trauma Studies from Eastern University. Additionally, Amy has been trained to provide EMDR which has been found helpful for persons struggling with trauma and anxiety.

Meet the rest of our team

Hope Stein, LSW, CADC

CEO, Psychotherapist, Assessor, Interventionist

Dr. Peter Ganime, MD

Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatrist

Dana Myers, LCSW

Assistant Clinical Director

Mike Mancuso, CAAC, CRS

Certified Recovery Specialist, Facilitator

Coreen Davis, MEd, LPC


Kendra Underhill, MA


Stacey Halstead, MA


Jim Reidy

Certified Intervention Specialist