Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Collins MM, MA

EMDR Psychotherapist

"We see the world not as it is, but as we are." –Albert Einstein

Elizabeth Collins MM, MA, a creative arts therapist, specializes in EMDR for treating anxiety and addictions caused by single incident trauma or violence, prolonged trauma and abuse, childhood trauma and abuse and PTSD. Other applications of EMDR in her work includes relief from phantom pain, diminishing chronic pain and dissolving positive associations tied to objects of addiction (people or substances) . She also brings a creative arts approach to her work including the uses of programmatic music listening for transpersonal psychotherapy, as well as other creative arts approaches such as journal writing and autobiographical photo journalism for supporting clients in recovering core aspects of the self which were lost in traumatic experiences or forgotten in the course of intrusive interpersonal relationships.

Meet the rest of our team

Hope Stein, LSW, CADC

CEO, Psychotherapist, Assessor, Interventionist

Dr. Peter Ganime, MD

Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatrist

Coreen Davis, MEd, LPC

CECO (Chief Executive Clinical Officer), Psychotherapist

Dana Myers, LCSW

Psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor

Mike Mancuso, CAAC, CRS

Certified Recovery Specialist, Facilitator

Sam Albert, BS, CRS, CIP

Certified Recovery Specialist, Interventionist, Facilitator