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Medicated-Assisted Treatment

This program is for individuals who have tried recovery numerous times and have been unsuccessful. Suboxone, Vivitrol, Naltrexone, are some of the most common forms of medicated-assisted treatment; however Renew Family Services does use others. Individuals commit to attending groups and individual sessions as well as maintaining appointments with our board certified doctor. Groups are facilitated by individuals who are specialized in substance use disorders and will help the individuals understand medications, how to take they, how the addicted brain, and provide a forum for Q&A. Because our programs are individually developed according to the specific needs of the affected person regular reviews and updates are performed by our treatment team and any adjustments are made and agreed upon collectively.

Psychiatrist appointments are only for those who are in our treatment/therapy programs. Our goal is to be able to offer a full continuum of care from the initial assessment and consultation through treatment and ongoing support for not only the individual but the family as well.

Mental Wellness

Mental wellness problems have the potential to arise anytime during a person's life. It affects daily living and may manifest differently. Common symptoms are depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, anger, isolation, risky behaviors, and impulsivity.

There are various ways to treat people with these symptoms. Renew Family Services does not believe in the cookie cutter model. There is no one size fits all. It is important to know that every person is an individual and will be treated as such. Every person is different with their own unique experience and needs.

Renew Family Services utilizes eclectic therapy to encompass what the person needs at the specific moment. We offer psychotherapy, groups, psychiatry, and medication management as needed. Family group therapy offers another source of support where loved ones become educated as well as develop the necessary skills to cope and identify their role in the individual's recovery process.

Referrals & Interventions

Renew Family Services assesses individuals and finds the appropriate facility to meet their substance use disorder needs. Family members and loved ones no longer have to search for an appropriate facility. We will begin the process to work with the family while the individual receives treatment. Each person can then begin their journey of healing and thereby gaining a foundation. If an intervention is necessary, call us to set up a free consultation.


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• Gender Specific • Family • Mindful Movement/Yoga • Dance and Movement Therapy • DBT and CBT Infused

Additional Services

• DUI Services • Drug and Alcohol Assessments • Sober Living Referrals • LGBT Services • EMDR • Holistic Services • Young Adults (14+) Services • Psychiatric Services • Couples Counseling • Morning and Night Groups • IOP Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders • Transportation

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